Nashville, Tennessee USA

All I knew of Nashville was country music, cowboy boots and honky tonk bars!  I couldn’t wait to join in the fun!  Feeling a little underprepared, we arrived in Nashville not really knowing where to go first or what sites to see and we had 2 days to fill!

Our hotel seemed to be a little out of town, however, maybe the party had come to us?  The hotel reception was full of crazy country folk, with neckerchiefs, hats and enough polished leather to furnish a small country.  Those boots were certainly made for more than walking!  I could’ve listened to the deep southern accent for hours, although I couldn’t understand a word they were saying!

The receptionist was amazing, I think she could tell we didn’t have a clue so suggested a full itinerary!  She booked us on an evening tour of the city and recommended a fabulous little country music bar called Nashville Palace.  We headed to the bar for a few beers and a late lunch!  It was located in a quaint row of little stores along with the Dukes of Hazard museum right at the end.  Of course, we had the obligatory pictures with General Lee proudly on display outside the museum!


The Nashville Palace was a perfect little imitation ranch place with more cowboy hats and boots galore.  I had the hat but no boots,  although I was certain I would leave with a pair! A solo singer was performing, he was amazing singing some classics along with some hilarious songs.  Very entertaining, whilst we drank a couple of beers.  As a result of our 5 am start and the few beers, we headed back to the hotel for a quick snooze.



That night, we were picked up at 5:30 pm for the evening tour.  An hour later we were still waiting in the lobby, so the very impatient me went to investigate.  Apparently, there had been a bad wreck, local slang for a car accident.  Unfortunately, our driver was caught in it. So I went outside to tell the others who were also waiting. Lovely group of people from Toronto!  Who openly loved our accent and kept us talking until the driver arrived!

We started the night with dinner Jacks BBQ, a local downtown restaurant. While I had ribs Dave had brisket, it wasn’t anything to write home about! The tour took us to the following places, Parthenon, Ryman Auditorium, Country Music Hall of Fame, Riverfront Park, Bicentennial Park.  The view of the Tennessee State Capital building was awesome!  Next, we headed to Music Row (Elvis’s second studio RCA Studios) and Taylor Swift’s record label and the Schemer Horn Symphony Centre.

Interesting fact: Nashville is where Oprah Winfrey started her career, co-anchoring the local evening news at the age of 19!

Honky-Tonk Bars, Nashville

After the tour, we had time to explore downtown ourselves!  Finally, time to hit the world-famous honky-tonk bars.

Nashville is certainly proud of its roots promoting and maintaining traditional country music that has made “Music City” what it is today! Country music was played everywhere!



The first bar we went in was amazing Legends Corner. I was certainly in my element! Live country music band, more cowboy boots and hats you could shake a stick at.  Slapping thighs and line dancing too! The band were fantastic, they played a really popular song called Girl Crush by Little Big Town!  My smile couldn’t get any bigger, I loved the vibe of honky-tonk bars!  Just as we were leaving the band started to play Gravity by John Mayer, one of my favourite songs! 🙂

There was a big street party too, closing most of the roads into downtown! All types of music blasting from each bar along with the street party.  It was like a crazy collaboration of live music fighting for airspace, which bar could be the loudest.  You didn’t just hear the music you felt it!! Truly awesome experience!

We soon discovered, Nashville has a Coyote Ugly Saloon!! It was everything I expected and I loved it! People having a good time and lots of girls dancing on the bar in true Coyote style. It wasn’t long before I was up there, relatively sober so managed not to fall off!



So if you have been reading my posts, you will have learned about my international cop/car fetish!!  Well, I think I topped my favourite picture this evening!!


Absolutely amazing day and night. It’s going to be a really tough day to beat. Nashville, please don’t ever change, your vibe is contagious!

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