Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia

Finally, we made it to Australia!  Australia has been number one on my list for many years!  I was so excited to be in Oz!  Similar to our other trips, we had a busy itinerary with lots to see!  We flew via Singapore, into Brisbane then onto Cairns.  Cairns wasn’t our main destination, although we did explore on the way back.  We stayed in Port Douglas which is about an hours drive north of Cairns, along one of the most scenic coastal roads in Australia!  Only in the country a few hours and already blown away by its natural beauty!

Port Douglas, is now one of my favourite places in the world!  I loved everything about this beautiful little gem!  It’s non-commercial existence, the relaxed village atmosphere, inspiring nature, wildlife and, glorious simplicity consequently makes you feel like you really are on the other side of the world.

The only place on earth that has two World Heritage sites, the Great Barrier Reef, one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, and the rainforest of Daintree and Cape Tribulation.  Forest meets the Coral Sea! From the breathing taking golden sands of Port Douglas’ four-mile beach to the stunning creeks of Mossman Gorge, there is so much to do and see in the stunning northern tropics of Australia!  Rainforest walks and safaris diving and snorkelling the reef and, sailing the waterways!



Port Douglas is a little resort town with lots of restaurants, quaint little shops, fabulous bars with all sorts of local entertainment.  We stayed at Freestyle, gorgeous holiday apartments! Please visit their Facebook page!  Perfectly located, minutes from St Macrossan Street, the central hub of this beautiful village, and the Four Mile Beach. A friendly, personalised service from Ann, the owner!  They helped with all our excursions, even got us discount!  They had an amazing little pool which was lit with UV light at night to spot Scorpions, I didn’t know they lit up in this light!  Luckily, we didn’t come across any, nor any spiders (massive phew!!).

The bats, however!! Wow wow wow!!  Sleeping in the day, high in the canopy of the trees.  Dusk is a different story, the sight of thousands of flying foxes going to feed is an amazing spectacle.  Flying Foxes are the most important pollinators of the rainforest as they carry the pollen up to 50km away to pollinate trees. No other animal flies those distances and is important to help keep the forests healthy!  Evening walks were interesting, they literally flew past your head.  I’m certain they were dive bombing me on purpose, for comedy value.  One night, one clipped my hair and yes I did scream, loudly!  Billy and Dave absolutely loved this time of night, flying foxes are fun to tease mum!



We spent a couple of nights in the Ironbar Restaurant. A local run family business, interesting place on a Friday night, with toad racing as entertainment!  It is so much fun and an incredibly enjoyable, RANDOM evening. The passion in toad racing is fierce, very entertaining!

The Court House is the oldest pub in Port Douglas, good beer, pool tables, karaoke and lots of fun.  Located on the corner of Macrossan St and Wharf St, overlooking Anzac Park and the harbour.  I loved the wide open verandas, cold beers in the sun and cocktails at sunset! Perfect, great spot to watch the bats too!!

You have to stop for a pint in Paddy’s Bar, another great night and they have a pool table!  Anywhere with a pool table is good for the boy!



The marina is stunning, we headed down there a couple of evenings!  Perfect place to watch the sunset!  There are many gorgeous restaurants at the marina, one of the ones we dined in Lure, Our last night was really special, we had an amazing dinner, lovely wine and Billy jived with me (probably one of the last times).



All in all a very special, stunningly, beautiful place that I am lucky enough to have visited!

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