Hong Kong

Hong Kong was our final stop of our Australia trip!  A brief stop for 2 nights, however we crammed everything in we wanted to see.

We arrived into Hong Kong early evening, dropped our bags at the hotel and headed out to explore.  The famous Ladies Market in Mongkok, was just a short walk.  A shopping experience like no other… Hundreds of stalls selling everything but the kitchen sink!  A kilometre stretch of frenzied shoppers, lights and scarily stacked buildings which reminded me of a failed tetris game!


A materialistic heaven for those who want a bargain albeit a fake one!  Be prepared to haggle, it will test your level of bartering skills for sure! If you are a little shy, just walk away and they will automatically drop the price! Billy was in his element, Dave not so much.  Personally, I loved every second of this crazy place.  Billy, as always, took it a little far when he offered a woman about 50p for some Dre Beats headphones.  I think she was litte offended as she chased him down the market, hilarious!  After walking the streets and a couple of beers, we headed back to the hotel as we had a full tour the following day!

Lantau Island and the Giant Buddha

The tour lasted for about 8 hours with a packed itinerary, so make sure you get a good nights sleep.

We were picked up early and driven to Lantau, about a 30 minute drive. Stopping for photographs at various places.  Heading out of Kowloon you see the very impressive Hong Kong skyline, which was spectacular in the day.  I couldn’t wait to see it in all it’s glory that evening.  We crossed The Tsing Ma Bridge, the world’s eighth-longest span suspension bridge.  Consisting of 6 lanes of motorway, 2 rail tracks, 2 lanes of roadway! Very impressive and a little scary to cross as I’m not very good with bridges.  The journey was interesting, visiting various beaches.  We passed Shek Pik Prison, a maximum security institution, a cell with a view!

We visited a little fishing village called Tai O, home to the Tanka people. They build their homes on stilts above the water, which were all interconnected!  You have no choice other than to get on with your neighbours!! Such an enchanting world, a photographer’s paradise!

After Tai O we took a winding road up to a 520-metre plateau, to the famous Po Lin Monastery and the Big Buddha!! The views were absolutely breathtaking, the whole place had a calming influence, the complete opposite to Kowloon!

We headed to the monastery to have lunch with the monks, who had prepared a vegetarian lunch!  The food, isn’t my cup of tea but I tried it all as it wan’t fish guts or eyeballs, all vegetarian nothing disgusting on the menu!

To finish off a spectacular day, we took the 5.7-kilometre Ngong Ping Cable Car back down.  Amazing panoramic views of the Big Buddha, Lantau North Country Park, the South China Sea and the airport!  A must do whilst in Hong Kong, I will say it again, spectacular!

Skyline and Symphony of Lights Tour!

I mentioned earlier, the skyline in the day was pretty spectacular, wow you should see it at nightfall!  Hong Kong lights up like a firework display!  Almost every building is iluminated which for me rivals any other urban skyline I’ve seen to-date!   However, the light show in comparison was a bit of an anti climax! Our boat was pretty dreadful, Dave hated the cruise as it was very choppy.  Nevertheless, Billy got Dave quite drunk from the copious amounts of free red wine!  I’m positive he just wanted him to throw up!

A few facts: there are about 7500 skyscrapers in Hong Kong, giving the city the top world rankings!  It has more buildings higher than 35m than any other city.  There are so many sky-scrappers because there is simply not enough space for so many people. Therefore the motto is “the higher, the better.”

Hong Kong is a big must for every traveller and I highly recommend you visit.  My highlight of was visiting Lantau Island and the Giant Buddha! It will leave you speechless! You get dizzy from spending a brief time here and the jaw dropping urban skyline is like no other!

Mad as a box of frogs, a colourful expression perfectly describing Hong Kong.

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