Morocco, North Africa

We stayed in Agadir, lovingly known as mini Marrakesh, in the southern part of Morocco, North Africa.  Agadir is surrounded by the Anti Atlas mountains, the Sahara Desert on the Atlantic Coast.  It is a fairly modern city and is popular for holidaymakers due to the fantastic weather.

Our hotel Rui Tikida Dunas was a beachfront all-inclusive resort, it was a nice hotel, the reception area was nice and the pool area was vast – the bedrooms, however, were a little outdated.  A family week away in the sun with my brother and his family.  Holiday criteria were to relax in the sun, drink as much booze as possible and play with Sam, who is a little water baby!

1383872_10152346376478009_52367090_nLike any all inclusive holidays, it follows a similar pattern most days, a day at the pool filled with several trips to the bar, playing with Sam.  Our favourite game was cocktails, this is where I was the customer and Sam was the barman and he would make me a cocktail from the pool water, often with it ending up over your head, endless hours of fun!  We would then go and eat leisurely, the food was interesting – I enjoyed the Moroccan spices!  Back to the pool, more beers and games and then off to get ready for the evening.   Usually I would get a little bored of this format, however, it was fantastic to spend time with the family.  Sam Sam was an absolute delight every day, he kept us entertained for hours!  One of his favourite games was to throw himself off the rocks into the water and you had to catch him!  Dave particularly enjoyed this game haha!  Sam is a little daredevil and reminded me so much of Billy at the same age, very cute!

The evenings usually consisted of food, too many rums & lemonade a bit of entertainment, maybe a little dancing and a few wobbly walks back to the room!

1424299_10152052151613850_1955475211_nOne day me and Mike (bro) were on bar duty when we spotted the waves, absolutely outrageous!  You can guess what happened next, like kids all over again, we ran down to the beach and hit the waves!   They are probably some of the biggest I’ve ever seen, certainly the biggest I’ve been in!  One of the waves took me out big time which took me under for quite a while, think I scared my brother a bit who stayed a little bit closer to me after that!  We played as if we were 6 & 8 again before heading back to the group – loved it for many reasons, was nice to do something just me and Mike like old times!1453479_10152052119998850_1154499445_n

One of the days we headed to Taroudant, an authentic Berber market town in the Souss Valley, they boast the best-preserved town walls in Morocco! When I say authentic, I mean authentic, it was amazing, raw, traditional, colourful!  Very few tourists and a great place to get an insight into the real Moroccan culture.  The markets were barbaric, a real eye-opener to everyday life in Morocco, the food chain on clear display – animals have no rights!  I love to see culture in its raw format but seeing little rabbits hung by their feet, chickens tied together, donkeys loaded to almost breaking point was quite difficult!  We had a great day although I was ridiculously hungover – to the point, I threw up in a urinal in the worse toilet I have ever been in.  Not my proudest moment I have to say but funny when I think back!  I have finally learned I can’t drink like everyone else!  We went from souks selling carpets (souks means a ‘big mess’ haha so often the case) to spices and fragrances – a mesmerising cultural experience!  Loved it and Sam was a little delight as always!  The snake charmers were creepy btw!


 I would recommend a visit to Morocco, but be warned animal cruelty put me off and I will not be going back again.

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