Cape Verde, North Africa

A quick week away in the sun following almost 3 weeks of travelling to the Bahamas and India!  I wasn’t sure I needed to get on another plane however I did want to spend some time with Dave and to switch off from work.  Cape Verde is a former Portuguese colony which comprises of 10 islands all but three of which are mountainous. 

We stayed on the island of Sal! haha Sal was going to Sal and to add to it we also met another Sal – the slogan for the week was of course Sal & Sal in Sal!

We wasn’t really sure what to expect, all inclusive holidays haven’t proved very successful for us over the years.  It didn’t start great if I am honest, the flight was pretty awful with a really drunk group of ladies (lady should be interpreted loosely)!  They were ridiculously rowdy and were asked repeatedly by the cabin crew to behave!  It really was terrible, they fell on you whilst they queued for the toilets, they made the journey hideous for so many people – luckily we were a few rows away so didn’t impact us as much as it did some other poor people trying to enjoy the start of their holiday!  I didn’t want that to set the bar for the rest of the week, unfortunately the same group were staying at our hotel arrrggghhhh! In all fairness they were pretty normal the rest of the week apart from when we were flying home, tell you more about that later!

When approaching Sal, it  felt like we were landing on the moon!  Deserts and dry valleys as far as the eye could see!  We got through immigration, you have to queue for a visa if you haven’t pre-booked one, as our was very last minute we had to queue, it was pretty quick to be honest.

1409281353388535We stayed at a hotel called Riu Garopa.  It was ok, I wasn’t blown away by it, it was outdated and felt a bit like Butlins!  I guess I am not used to package holidays these days, hated all the forced fun on the coach on the way too – everyone cheer!  Sod off!!

When we arrived at the hotel, the queue to check in was out of the door – I literally wanted somebody to pick me up and take me back home right there and then!  I guess going from the Taj Mahal in New Delhi to an all inclusive mediocre hotel on the moon there was always going to be a risk of disappointment!

Anyway, there was only one criteria for this trip and that was to do nothing other than swim, sunbath, eat, drink and enjoy ourselves!

We eventually got checked in and figured out the way to o1409291846048589ur room, we dropped the bags and headed out for some much needed booze!  Free booze, now that was a huge positive!  We wandered back down to reception and met some lovely lovely people who asked us to join them – Kim and James!  They certainly rescued our bad start!

D1409281253198523ay 1 we hit the pool, it was nice – very busy!    We set up shop for the day and didn’t move until lunchtime, we sunbathed some more in between beers and then went back to the room to get ready for dinner!  We headed down and had the buffet, it was standard and the red wine was hideous, I needed to find another drink for the week!  Following dinner we went to check out the entertainment, retreat retreat back to the hotel reception area and a nice bar!  Not my cup of tea at all, everybody sat around, rammed in like battery hens watching live entertainment – if you can call it entertainment.  Some were really good to be fair but our entertainment often came from the idiots that 1409281405508543excessive alcohol seems to create!  Have a good time people but come on, be nice to people around you and have a little respect for families with small children!  You throwing up in a plant pot isn’t most peoples idea of fun nor is it the kids!!  Idiots!

10473902_10153256871648009_4423743341073013636_nThe beach was absolutely stunning, miles and miles of beautiful golden sands and turquoise blue waters!  The waves were incredible – Cape Verde redeemed!  I absolutely loved playing in the ridiculously high waves, Dave had a go too – very impressed Mr 🙂1409251517188464

The remaining days were pretty much consisted of day 1, about day 3 I was getting bored – I had to get off the resort and explore.  So we headed down to the city of Santa Maria which was a little more developed but still raw and maintained it’s tradition in many ways.   It has a little town with small restaurants and an old harbour!  You can still watch the fisherman bring in their catch of the day – a nice balance of new and old!

CaptureOne of the evenings we went on a turtle walk, searching for baby turtles as it was hatching season.  What an amazing experience and probably my favourite from the holiday (other than spending time with Dave, after being away for so long).  1409292246398602We managed to release several baby turtles into the ocean, I absolutely loved it!  Although I did want to pop little ‘Crush’ in my pocket and take him home with me!  Of course I didn’t and released him into the sea, we used infra red lights so see as it was pitch black!  Great experience and would recommend it to anyone going between June & October which is hatching season!

All in the all it was a lovely week and it did the job but I was ready to get home, we packed up, checked out and had a few drinks at the bar whist we waited for the coach to pick us up!  The same group of girls (from the outbound flight) were at it a1409270013528508gain – they were absolutely trollied, exactly the same as they were at the beginning of the week!  We arrived at the conclusion that they mustn’t like flying as they were pretty normal all week!  Anyway to cut a long story short, one of the girls was so drunk that she fell onto the plane as we got on and the crew had to pick her up.  The crew  made her sit at the back and wait until we had all boarded, the captain was called who asked her to try standing again – she couldn’t and fell head first into one of the catering counters – she was removed off the plane!  We then had to sit on the run way whilst they found her suitcase – 2 hours later we set off!  We made some lovely friends Sal, Damian and little baby Flo – who  stayed for another week when we left, apparently when the evicted woman arrived back at the hotel she fell out of the taxi and broke her arm!  I am a great believer in karma, thank you 🙂

If you want a quick week away in the sun, short distance, guaranteed weather and lots of booze – check!

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