Tom & Rachael’s Big Day!

So my wedding blogs have been a little delayed, that’s because if you remember I needed to try and put a huge pimple on all of Tom’s photos for not adhering to my demands during our ‘normal’ day jobs! Of course I am only joking, however blogging a wedding can sometimes take a little longer as you have to select images from a larger collection and when most of the them are favourites this is a tough task.

Anyway a little about the day, I arrived to do the bride preparation shots at Momma Tonge’s residence and it was all a little frantic, a good frantic if that makes sense! The house was full, people buzzing with their designated chores and I just had to fit in, and I did easily – lovely lovely people who didn’t seem to mind me in the background click click clicking away! The day was fantastic, a lovely Catholic service followed by a fabulous exit with a scouts guard of honour (Tom and Rach are both scout leaders and dedicate so much of their spare time to boys/girls who came and did them proud). The reception was held in a beautiful hotel in Prestbury, the grounds were very pretty which gave us some fabulous back drops! We loved every second of your day and honoured to capture it for you. I have however, now lost my bargaining power to get Tom to do anything for me, even turn up to meetings haha (only joking Tom). Sx

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