Nashville, Tennessee USA

All I knew of Nashville was country music, cowboy boots and honky tonk bars!  I couldn’t wait to join in the fun!  Feeling a little underprepared, we arrived in Nashville not really knowing where to go first or what sites to see and we had 2 days to fill!

Our hotel seemed to be a little out of town, however, maybe the party had come to us?  The hotel reception was full of crazy country folk, with neckerchiefs, hats and enough polished leather to furnish a small country.  Those boots were certainly made for more than walking!  I could’ve listened to the deep southern accent for hours, although I couldn’t understand a word they were saying!

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Lynchburg & Shelbyville, Tennessee USA

Day 2 of our Deep South road trip and we were heading to Lynchburg!

Awake nice and early thanks to the joys of jet lag!!  Despite feeling a little drowsy, yet unable to sleep, we hit the road.  Heading north, slightly west to Lynchburg, a small town in the south-central region, Moore County, the smallest county in Tennessee. Home to the very famous Jack Daniels.  Even though it’s home to the most famous distillery in the world, Lynchburg is a dry county! good job we were only passing through.

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Atlanta to Monteagle – Tennessee

Finally arrived in Atlanta!  A 9.5-hour flight, a little tired, but still raring to start our Deep South road trip!

We flew with Virgin Atlantic, who from experience are fantastic and, they did disappoint again on our direct route from Manchester to Atlanta! Granted, the surprise upgrade certainly helped along with the shiny new engagement ring!! Dave was full of surprises, a perfect way to start our trip!

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

I was only in Philadelphia for just over 24 hours, a stopover on the way to Jamaica!  I stayed at the Hyatt Hotel – I could of stayed nearer to the airport but I wanted to be in the city as there was only one place I wanted/needed to visit on my short trip.  The Rocky Steps! Silvester Stallone my childhood hero, there was no way that I was going to miss running up those famous steps!

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