Volunteering in ChiangMai, Thailand

There is more to Thailand than luxury hotels, pool bars and beach parties… I’ve visited this beautiful country once before, visiting important monuments and temples. I had stayed in a luxury hotel and explored the local surroundings, but I felt something was missing. There wasn’t an opportunity to meet the local people, nor did I immerse myself in the local culture. There was a feeling that I wanted more!!

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New Delhi, India

Work finished in Mumbai, it was time to to travel to New Delhi, India.  For years, I have wanted to visit the Taj Mahal! I am a great believer in grabbing every opportunity, so even though it was extending my trip away from home, it was worth it!

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Mumbai, India

My first trip to Mumbai, India!

Work commitments took me to Mumbai, where I was visiting an Indian contact centre.  A little apprehensive as I’ve never been to India before and I was travelling alone, although I’m used to that these days.

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