The Headstone Viaduct - Monsal Trail

Sometimes a weekend away is just around the corner – #doorstep destinations

The reason we bought the campervan was for the very reason we came away this weekend. We decided to explore somewhere we haven’t been before that is right on our doorstep. It was the middle of last year when we realised that visiting exotic destinations is fantastic. The problem we had was that we were unable to say we had properly travelled our own country. The UK has some fantastic scenery but we had only really been to Cornwall and The Lake District.

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camper van

Camper van – finally getting one!

So, if anyone knows anything about me then they will know my passion for Volkswagens and the need to own a camper van! This first reared its head when I was around ten on one of our family camping holidays in Cornwall. I remember buying a copy of Volksworld at the campsite shop and becoming besotted with the vintage VW scene.

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