Venice, Italy

Even though this was many years ago, I still have vivid memories of the architecture, the waterways and gondoliers!  The thing that fascinated me the most was how people were accustomed getting a boat to school or work!  The boat buses were mental, literally every man or child for himself!

We wandered around, took a gondolier ride, ate pasta and ice cream.  The ice cream I remember was amazing!  I can’t blog the places we ate as I can’t remember!  Venice is a must see place, the dynamics of the city still fascinate me and I will look to go back and refresh my memories at some point when other places higher on my list run out 🙂

One of my lasting memories was outside St Paul’s square and the hundreds of pigeons.  We had umbrella’s not because it was raining but because of the pigeon poo! haha  Until next time Venice!